Integrative Energy Healing With Rebecca Donaghue

Private Energy Healing & Counselling Sessions

I offer individual healing and counselling sessions for adults and children in both Glasgow and Winchester. I also offer long distance sessions for clients who live too far away or find it difficult to travel.

If you feel I might be able to support you in your journey please call me - I am happy to talk with you for you to explore if and how you would like us to work together. This initial 15 min session is free and without any obligation.

My holistic approach works with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is designed to activate and build your own inner healing mechanisms and support your desire to move towards greater health. By working with the human energy consciousness system, it is possible to identify and free-up blocks or disturbances in the energy flow and clear, strengthen, balance or repair the energy field. Any disturbance in the flow of energy reflects both a disease process and presents an opportunity for development.

In my experience healing can help:
* facilitate pregnancy and support childbirth
* provide support through emotional and mental crises and life challenges
* open up spirituality and a sense of life purpose
* enable you to manage the challenges of parenting
* improve your general state of well-being.

Healing work can also:
* speed recovery from illness,operations and wounds
* support pain management
* help chronic physical conditions
* ease the dying process.

My fees are £50 for a 75 min session. The first appointment costs £60.

Healing Sessions. Angelred

Clients say healing work is....

" A wave or pulse of life in my body, easing the pain, starting in my toes through my spine to my heart and head"
" I could almost feel my arm mending itself from the inside, almost untwisting out the break, then a deep heat in the cells"
" A safe place to explore who I really am underneath all the drama, judgement and chaos"
" Transforming how I am with myself and in the world - my heart is coming back to life".

Energy Readings

For special events I hold individual energy reading healings. This is a unique process which helps you to evolve the consciousness of your energy system.

Working with your energy field, guidance and oracle cards this is an opportunity to explore your soul's journey. Birthday,solstice and equinox energies are a wonderful window through which you can connect and deeply listen to your inner wisdom. We will connect to the frequencies that bring healing into your soul, body, heart and mind.

We will first connect to your Higher Self and from this Divine perspective consider your path for the year ahead. We will then address your own spiritual questions, such as:
- What are your soul intentions?
- How can you best support and nurture your self-care?
- Where are your energetic challenges and opportunities?
- What is the new consciousness that is seeking to express itself into the world through you?
- What is the gift to your soul in the journey you are on?

Dates: Individual readings last an hour and need to be booked in advance.
Cost: £50

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