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Blog #01

Standing in the Light

Wednesday Dec 24th
As we are called to stand in the Light in the face of what often feels like mindless destruction, we can choose to also notice the places in ourselves where we feel called to Creative Action. There is now an opportunity to creatively build a response to life based on love. Our challenge is to explore what this means in practice, in the physical world for each of us, from the inside out. Our question is how can we birth more Light into who we are and how we live?
Lets start with intention. Then by using our emotional intelligence and patience we can build a vision of ourselves a Beings of Light which we can then gradually begin to anchor in and inform our material experiences.

If you are interested this visualisation is a simple yet powerful practice to anchor more Light within yourself. Enjoy.
Centre yourself with some deep breaths, inhaling from the crown and exhaling through the feet. Then see the Light energy raining down onto you and onto planet earth. Simply be with, open to and allow the Light to fill each chakra (energy centre) and your power current (the line of light running up and down your spine). Allow each chakra to spin clockwise and connect into your power current.
Clearly set your intention to allow your body (including your physical body) to hold more Light. And see what happens...

Blog #02


Wednesday Dec 3rd
It can be tricky for us to listen to ourselves, to our heart, to what we really need - especially in the bustle of the run-up to Christmas.
Yet a coherent heart is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves.

This week I have been using this simple, gentle movement which is wonderful. Try it and see what happens...
Place the soles of your feet together and place the palms of your hands together.
You can sit any way which is comfy for you; the idea is to create an energy circuit that is complete within your own body. Your hands can be in a prayer position at the heart if this works for you. If not, be comfortable, just make sure the palms of your hands are connected to each other.
And breathe.
And sit with yourself a while to allow your heart to be with you.

Blog #03

Revolutionary Loving - Kindness

Monday 17th November.
Beautiful leaves, trees, night skies AND the intense questioning and stress that can come energetically as we head into November.
Scorpio brings us her challenges and the Hydra to face within ourselves... Ouch.
If you are feeling emotionally fried, old pain keeps rearing its head or you just seem fragile and vulnerable then how about remembering the gift of Loving-Kindness.
So simple we often overlook it.
Yet, just taking the space to hold the 'judgement', the 'mean comment', the 'so what' can dramatically ease your stress. Give yourself a break! Don't beat yourself up because things didn't work out how they 'should'. Help your system to calm down, feel more space and to breathe. You can try loving-kindness as a meditation, self-healing or just whenever you feel you need it.

Loving-Kindness Meditation.
Take three deep breaths form the crown through the body out of the soles of the feet.
Touch your heart and begin connecting to your heart. Breathe in and out of your heart three times.
Now allow yourself to experience the feeling of kindness. If it's too hard to do this for yourself, remember a time you were grateful for another's kindness.
Let the kindness upwell and fill your heart and your whole being.
Slow down and breathe.
Simply allow the kindness to melt away the tightness, the pain and the judgement. Allow yourself space to be.
Take at least three more deep breaths and gently bring your focus back into the outside world.
Ashana has a Loving Kindness song which is wonderful for this meditation - great nurturing for the body and soul.

Blog #04

Meditation when you don't know what to do!

Thurs Oct 1Oth
Enjoying this October early morning sunshine across Lochwinnoch.
Our lovely yoga class here have been working with this breath since the Summer - sometimes called the GYAN MUDRA KRIYA. It is now one of my favourites. A great way to help integrate your mind and your heart and so simple to remember even when you are stressed!

Kneel or sit cross legged and bend the arms at the elbows with the hands meeting at the level of your heart. Your hands are cupped with one hand resting in the other as if you are about to receive something into your hands. Focus on the third eye and then look at the tip of your nose.
Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the nose.
Inhale through the mouth. Exhale through the mouth.
Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth.
Inhale through the mouth. Exhale through the nose.
Continue with this round of breath for 5 mins in the beginning extending it to as long as half an hour if you are willing and able.

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