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My own journey into the science and mystery of life has opened me to my work - assisting and empowering you to access the Divine within and begin to create your life based on what you love.

My delight with ideas and concepts was first nourished with an academic life at Oxford and then Georgetown University where I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I was curious about systems and where, how and why political change manifested. In my twenties I worked as a project manager in strategy consulting and began to learn about the processes of change, specifically how to make sound decisions based on qualitative data. I enjoyed working with organisational and people problems that were unique and where often we were in unknown territory.

As I entered the world of pregnancy, motherhood and babies my world almost inverted as I felt change upwell at the individual level, from the inside out. I explored the therapeutic world and realised the importance of energy and spiritual work as well as relationship to enable sustainable health and wellbeing. My five children have each brought a different aspect home to me as I have been challenged to bring them safely into this world and hold them wherever they need to grow into themselves. I have become deeply aware of the mystery and dance of Life.

My therapeutic trainings are in person centred counselling, psychosynthesis, pre and peri-natal regression work, hypnotherapy and child development. I am also a Yoga Teacher. I completed the four year training programme with Barbara Brennan in 2008 and have a Professional Diploma in Healing Science. I am fully insured and a member of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council.

My private Healing Practice and Workshop Training Programme is built upon a belief that energy skills are really life skills.

By opening both to the science and to the mystery of life we can each free ourselves to make choices that enable us to become more fully Human. My work is experiential and direct, helping you to effect change, strengthen your own inner Authority and trust your inner Healer whilst listening to the wisdom of your Sacred Heart.

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