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Latest Workshops:
Energy Skills Training in Winchester: Sunday 25th November
Energy Skills Training in Glasgow: Sunday 16th December
Holy Healing Days Programme: Long Distance
Holy Healing Days Workshops: 21st December, 6 January
Certificate Course starts February 2019 Glasgow or April 2019 Winchester

Energy Healing Training Courses

I offer a range of Healing and Energy Skills Training in Winchester, Hampshire and Glasgow, Scotland, intended to build and develop energy awareness, healing skills and awaken the Healer within you. Whatever your background, age, life experience, if you are curious, open to learn and feel a longing to connect to your own unique experience of the Sacred then these classes are for you.

The workshops and courses are based upon a unique blend of healing techniques and personal development built from my own experiences as a Brennan Science healer, counsellor, mother of five children, yoga teacher, strategy consultant and as an academic. I have worked with groups and in personal development now for over 25 years. The training is fun, rigorous, highly experiential and designed to enable You to unfold from within. Come prepared to play with new ways of being and to explore fresh skills - allow yourself the possibility of stepping into the unknown!

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Individual Healing Sessions

I can also work with you individually.

I offer both in-person and long-distance healing sessions.

If you feel you need support in your life with physical, emotional, mental and/ or spiritual issues then please consider healing work. This integrative approach helps us on all levels and it is always my privilege to be with you and support you energetically in your life's challenges.

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Energy Healing connects you to your Life Force

Energy healing is a complementary health care approach which works on the whole person. It is based on an understanding of the human energy consciousness system. The human body, emotions, mind and spirit are comprised of energy and consciousness. There are a number of frequency bands in this field and disturbances in their flow reflect both a disease process AND present an opportunity for development.

Healing works on the whole person by freeing up the 'blocks' in the energy system enabling you to move towards greater holistic health. My hands on healing approach uses techniques to clear, balance, strengthen, cleanse and repair the human energy field.

Healing works to activate and build your inner healing mechanisms and life force, to enable you to choose to move towards greater health, well-being, happiness and creativity in whatever way is meaningful for You.

Energy Skills are Life Skills

As we live in a world of energy being able to perceive, de-code and understand how and where this energy moves is a vital Life Skill. Without energy awareness we can often feel confused, empty, even trapped when things go 'wrong'.
Energy skills are open to all of us who would like to look and explore life through this lens. Often we intuitively respond to energy flows in habitual patterns laid down when we were young. We are usually unaware of the choices we have made to keep us safe until some crisis forces us to re-examine who we are.
Developing your ability to consciously be with your own energy and that of your partner, friends, children, work colleagues and even strangers, gives you a wonderful tool to begin to really create the Life you want for yourself.

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Upcoming Workshops In Hampshire and Scotland

In Winchester, Hampshire:
Sun Nov 25 : Energy Healing Skills Workshop
Sun Jan 6 2019: Holy Healing Days Workshop
April 2019: Certificate in Energy Healing - Module 1
Dec/ Jan: Holy Healing Days Long Distance Programme

In Glasgow, Scotland:
Dec 8/9: Healers Development Advanced Healing Skills
Dec 16: Energy Healing Skills Workshop
Dec 21: Holy Healing Days Workshop
Jan 12 2019: Holy Healing Days Workshop
Dec/Jan: Holy Healing Days Long Distance Programme

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New: Holy Healing Days Programme

It is an ancient secret of the ageless wisdom that the 12 days after Christmas offers us a condensed path through all 12 Astrologic signs as an accelerated growth experience. Holy Healing Days is a daily programme done in your own home of meditation, creative work, healing exercises and personal process work. For twelve days (Dec 26 - Jan 6th) you will receive twelve teachings, personal and spiritual development experientials and audio recordings for each of the meditation and healing sessions.

This long distance programme is a great gift for anyone who wants to take this opportunity to nourish or extend their spiritual development. This once a year period is vital for us to open to our spiritual wisdom and enable our spiritual work to unfold through the new year.
There is great beauty and power in holding this space and doing this work together.
Long Distance programme: £80.
Full programme including workshop: £180 (please contact me for details).

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!” RUMI

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